Special Offers

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We have Luxaflex® Blinds, Gallery Blinds, and Lewis’s Roman and Fabric Blinds.

We have blinds for every situation:
We have Venetian, Roller and Duette Blinds.
We have Blinds that you can see through - but the neighbours can’t!
And we have the Blinds experts to help you select the best blinds for your requirements.

Save 20% off All Blinds during Blinds Month at Lewis’s 


Blinds for Arts Sake

We have blinds that make a statement,

and others that all but disappear

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We have blinds to introduce colour, and blinds that are neutral. 
And blinds that hide unwanted views.

Save 20% off All Blinds during Blinds Month at Lewis’s 

 Smart Blinds 

 It’s time to upgrade to Smart Blinds and embrace the latest technology.
Control your blinds from the convenience of your couch, or from any remote location for security.
And many of us are too busy to spend time operating several blinds a day.

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 Light Control

We have blinds to reduce light and glare to protect your home and family.

NZWS Luxaflex Countrywood Timber Venetian Blinds VB HR


We have blinds that give you insulation.

NZWS Luxaflex Duette Shades DS 1378

We have blinds to meet a tight budget, and others for when meeting your requirements is more important.
Whatever you choose, Lewis’s guarantee all Lewis’s Blinds will perform and look fabulous,


Visit our Wellington Showrooms at 25 Centennial Highway Ngauranga or at 188 Kapiti Road.
Alternatively phone (04) 237 3737 or click here for an appointment with an In-Home Luxaflex® expert who will come to you.


Take advantage of “Blinds Month” at Lewis’s now and enjoy
20% off all Luxaflex® and Roman Blinds